Hidalgo Street – Camera Haven in Manila

Hidalgo StreetNikon, Canon and few other emerging brands of SLR digital cameras in shopping malls are usually tagged at staggering prices. But if you know the place in town to buy this killer photography gadget, you can take it home for less plus a big smile on your face.

If you seriously aim for an upgrade from point-and-shoot digital camera to professional SLR camera, stop hunting at the forefront, take a detour to the back alleys of Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. Hidalgo Street is the photographers’ haven in the Philippines frequented by many of the country’s professional photographers as well beginners for their photography stuff. [Read more…]


Hotel Sogo

Hotel SogoI can always find cheap hotel deals via online booking but during one of my travels in Manila I dared myself to something I haven’t done before, staying in drive-in motels instead of standard hotels or pension houses. Drive-in motels in Philippines especially in Manila are popular nests for transient customers engaged in secret affairs. One of the most popular is Hotel Sogo. Hotel Sogo is a chain of hotels one can find almost everywhere around the busy commercial districts in major cities and Metro Manila alone has hundreds of branches of Hotel Sogo.

So from the airport I hired a taxi to take me to any branches of Hotel Sogo closer to Malate area. The taxi driver seems to know a lot of Hotel Sogo around Manila and brought me at the hotel’s branch along Mabini. So the taxi went in and into the drive-thru and parked right in front of the reception window where few hotel staff in uniform waiting for drive-in customers. One of the hotel staff opened the taxi door for me, helped me with my luggage and ushered me directly inside a not so big but comfy waiting room. I thought I would have to wait there for long but shortly afterwards; the same staff went back in with a key and escorted me to my room upstairs. The alleyway to the rooms is a bit narrow but the floors are carpeted and the ambiance of the interior was warm and elegant. [Read more…]

How To Start Investing In The Philippine Stock Market With 5,000 Pesos

You don’t have to be rich to play in the stock market.

Investing In The Philippine Stock MarketMoney makes the world go round, they say. That means we have to be really smart about it. We all want to make more, but we have to make sure we do it right. Get-rich-quick schemes are always out there, waiting to entrap those who believe their outrageous claims. Many attempt them in hopes of making it big. Sadly, these attempts end up with them losing their hard-earned money. Often, this is money they worked hard for through several years.

In the world of finance, there are only a few ways one can have his money grow passively. None of them can double your money in a week (except in very, very rare circumstances). But they are successful in making your money earn for itself. One of the most well-known among these methods is stock trading.

When most people hear the words “stocks” “stock market” “stock trading”, and “stock exchange”, many of them either shake their heads or blank out. Maybe they’ve heard too many horror stories about it and think of it as a scam or a gamble. Or maybe they’ve heard about it, but they don’t really understand what it is. [Read more…]

ABBA The Museum: Iconic Music Experience

ABBA The MuseumABBA The Museum is the only place in the world where ABBA fans can get a lot closer to their favorite band. And with the wide array of displays, original memorabilia and collection of wardrobes that they wore during their world tour, ABBA the Musedum is a great nostalgic way to get to know ABBA better, and get connected with knowing their humble beginnings and rise to popularity and fame.
I grew up with ABBA. It was the everyday music my family played at home, almost like a soundtrack of our daily lives. Everyone, from my mom, aunts, you name it, all listened to the iconic tunes. I can even remember a memory of an uncle carefully placing a classic vinyl recording on a Radiowealth turntable player, filling the room with ABBA for hours on end. [Read more…]

The Sound of Lithuania

klaipedaSa picture na ito ay nasilayan ko ang kultura ng Lithuania through music. Sa picture rin na ito ay nakikita ko ang ilan sa kanilang mga traditional music instruments – instruments na karaniwang ginagamit sa mga important gatherings and events.
First time ko sa port na ito kaya nung sa laot pa lang kami ay nagplano na akong mag shore leave para naman masilayan ko ano ba ang makikita ko dito. Unfortunately, hindi ako nakalabas, hindi ko alam kong tinamad ba ako o hindi ko talaga trip ang gumala sa malamig na lugar. But anyway, whatever the reason is, katawan ko lang ang nakakaalam so dito lang talaga ako sa barko hanggang umalis kami kaninang hapon. And ang dami kong nagawang mga gawain kanina, kahit mga work orders na hindi pa ‘due’ ay natapos ko na rin. Sipag ko talaga ano? Sana walang kokontra… 🙂 [Read more…]

Idiot Politicians And Their Dumb Ass

Mindana_Martial_LawWith the ongoing siege from the neighboring city of Marawi, those who are not from Mindanao would easily conclude that it’s dangerous to visit or live in Mindanao. I was born in Mindanao and I live in Mindanao, so I strongly disagree to that conclusion because despite all these events, Mindanao is still a safe place to live, even safer than Manila. At least in Mindanao we knew who those people are that military forces are fighting with.
Regardless of religious belief or political opinion, whether Muslims or Christians, there’s no one else has the right to judge and tell to the world anything about Mindanao but its very own people – people who both witnessed the conflicts and suffered from the many atrocities happening around Mindanao in the past. [Read more…]

Pros and Cons in Networking Business

Networking business is hot and trending. Just say the word and everyone know exactly how it works. There are people who want to try and there are also those who simply want to get rid of it. Success testimonials from individuals who created a name in networking business are very enticing and attractive in a way that even makes you want to sign up right away without questions.
Have you been invited by a friend, family or colleagues to attend one of the networking company’s powwows? Were those individuals who made millions from networking showing their brand new BMW, mansions, high end gadgets got you? So enticing isn’t it? [Read more…]

St. Petersburg’s Twisting Skyscraper

Lakhta CenterThis is the super tall skyscraper of Lakhta Centre in Saint Petersburg, Russia. At 462 – meter high, the skyscraper is the tallest building in Russia and (as of now) in Europe.
The building features 86 floors and at the top most of the building is an observation deck. If admission fee is required for visitors to get to the observation deck in the World Trade Center and Empire Estate Building in New York, The Shard in London, the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to name few of some of the world’s tallest landmarks, getting to the observation deck of Lakhta Tower will cost nothing to visitors. This is absolutely very great news for [Read more…]

Exploring Old Town Tallinn On Foot

Reval-8371Arriving one of Europe’s most magical cities, it’s more of a ‘privilege’ than simply ‘luck’ to get into the port of Tallinn, Estonia on a clear warm day. Summer is still at its peak, so today’s visit in this ancient Hanseatic city should be wonderful as it can be. From 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest, for me Tallinn today is at 11. Well, obviously I was exaggerating but honestly when we arrived port of Tallinn this morning, I knew it’s another absolutely perfect day for us – just like what we had in Stockholm yesterday.

Tallinn at this time of the year is at its peak season for cruise visits. Just for today, three ships in a row – Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess and us – are in port.

Tallinn is best explored on foot and around 20 to 25 minutes walk from the cruise terminal, you can start exploring some of the city’s uniquely interesting highlights. The sights around [Read more…]

Stockholm, One At A Time

gamla stanIt doesn’t matter coming back to Stockholm over and over again; the cityscape itself never ceases to amaze me. Every visit to this Baltic city simply means another opportunity to experience more of Stockholm and another chance to see and further enjoy a lot of its offerings.

Arriving Stockholm on a cruise ship, the wonderful experience already starts even before arriving into port. The ship begins its scenic journey from the entrance of the approximately 45 – mile long passage deep into where the beautiful city sets. An archipelago of several islands and countless islets, cruising towards Stockholm is breathtaking scenery of natural landscape. [Read more…]

Motivate Kids to Start Saving

Keeping a savings bank account instead of maintaining a piggy bank at home keeps the kids’ savings in a safe vault. A monthly saving of at least 100 pesos a month will accumulate a total of 6,000 pesos in 5 years. Cool isn’t it? But kids are only kids and the idea about saving may not be in their minds yet. So, to motivate and bring their young minds closer to the idea of saving, I initiated the first steps by opening savings bank account for them. I checked with my bank (Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI) and I learned about this so called Jump Start account, a savings account for kids from age 10. So, I opened savings account for my two kids where they can put in whatever amount they saved from their piggy bank at home.
I used to have a piggy bank back then when I was their age. But every coins I put in there eventually vanished. Well, that is the disadvantage of a piggy bank – the coins can easily slip away. Please don’t ask me why… :)… But I still encourage my kids to maintain a piggy bank at home but the coins should not stay in there for long, it should be transferred to their savings bank accounts. [Read more…]