Three Easy Steps to Better Spending

spendingBecause there are endless temptations dragging us to spend our money, most of us certainly fall into one type – the bad spender. And the worst is we don’t even know that we already has become one. But if we really would want transformation from bad spending habits to not just being good but better, how about breaking free from bad spending habitude? Well, you can aim for the best if you really want to.
We all have bad spending habits and it’s either we are aware of it or we just snoozed it off. Because of this practice, many has fallen into piles of debt. To avoid this, here are three easy steps that will guide us on how to spend better with our money.
Three easy steps to better spending.
1. Make a budget plan and follow it.
Take a pen and start creating a budget. It is always the best idea to jot down what our budget plan is. But the easiest way to do this is to use a personal finance program that can help us create a budget and at the same time track our expenses anytime anywhere. I recommend YNAB, a personal finance application putting more weight on budgeting. It’s available both as online service and as stand alone desktop application with on the go iOS and Android app. I am using this personal finance desktop application over a year now and it really helped me a lot with my budgeting.
2. Track spending.
Know where every cents go. No matter how small the amount is, frequent small amount spending actually slash big stash of cash in the long run. In YNAB, every cent is assigned to a budget, so tracking of every amount we spend from day to day expenses comes in so easily. By the way, I am not representing YNAB (You Need A Budget), I am just a very satisfied YNAB user.
3. Keep away from temptation.
Clear your table from all those glossy catalogues of electronic gadgets or clear your inbox from promotional newsletters you’ve signed up. But be sure you get rid only to newsletters you think unnecessary and remained subscribed for the ones that you really need, like airlines promo fare newsletters if you travel a lot. I travel so frequently not for pleasure but for job related matters so I really need to subscribe airline newsletters for promo air ticket deals.

By following these three easy steps dedicatedly, certainly in the next three to six months you’ll find how less stressful life can be. Just imagine how happier life is with lesser and lesser debts or none at all.
Happy spending.



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