‘The Pasalubong Center’ In Lanao del Norte

Lanao del NorteThis is the “Pasalubong Center” in the municipality of Tubod, the capital town of Lanao del Norte. Transit visitors, travelers or trekkers stopping by from a long drive will have the opportunity to take home some of the town’s locally produced snack goodies and various handmade products.

The most popular among travelers and of course to locals are handmade stuff made from materials indigenous to the province. From pots, jars and flower vases made out of clay to woven baskets of various designs, your visit to Lanao del Norte’s Pasalubong Center certainly will make your trip interesting.

Lanao del NorteThe “Pasalubong Center” is conveniently located along the national highway just in front of MCC (Mindanao Civic Center). So, if you are driving from Cagayan de Oro to Pagadian City, you will see it on your right.

Stopping by Lanao del Norte’s Pasalubong Center does not only ensure that you have something from the province to take home but it is also your chance to see the creativity of Lanao del Nortehanons.

Lanao del NorteSo next time you pass by Tubod, simply pull over at the Pasalubong Center and have a glimpse or take home something you can call ‘a truly Lanao del Nortehanon stuff’.

Have a happy and safe travel.


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