Hong Kong International Airport, A World-class International City

Hong Kong International AirportThis is Hong Kong International Airport. It’s world-class, state-of-the-art and very very huge. Built on a reclaimed land area, the airport ranked as one of the world’s busiest airports.
I already have made several stopovers in this airport and for every stopover I made, I always find everything in the airport, from safety and security to amenities and services, at high level. I always find arriving Hong Kong International Airport very relaxing – from deplaning to boarding – I haven’t experienced the need to rush to catch for my connecting flight. Even if I only have an hour or less left for my next flight, I can’t remember I ran or worried that I might be refused boarding. Every movement in the airport are well organized and very coordinated – everything works very flawlessly. Was it because of the airport staff? Or was it because of the airline? Or both? I don’t really know. [Read more…]


Texas Street, A Pulsating Nightlife Destination in the Land of Kimchi

Texas Street

There’s a lot to experience in Busan. From dining and shopping to clubbing and bar hopping, Busan offers many things to do even after sunset. So when I took a short break working on cruise vessels and decided working on cargo ship (at least for one contract) sailing mainly around Asia, I finally had my chance to experience Busan – not on its attractions at the forefront but to the back alleys of Texas Street, a commercial street popular to local residents, foreigners and merchant sailors. [Read more…]

Shanghai’s Pudong District, So Close But Out Of Reach

pudong_skyscrapers_shanghaiOne of the many destinations I wanted to visit is Shanghai, the largest commercial center in China choke full of gleaming skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Yes, I am a big Sim City fanatic. I played Sim City 4 before and now with Sim City 2013, I remain a hard working city mayor. During the game, I always patterned my city layout between these two cities – Shanghai or New York. So when the ship visited Shanghai sometimes in the summer of 2015, for the first time I finally had seen in person the very city influential in the game. [Read more…]

Curious To Set Foot In Nagasaki, So Here I Am

nagasakiThe thing that always pops first in my mind every time I heard or read about Nagasaki was that horrific atomic bombing during World War II. So when I visited Nagasaki, I became very curious to see personally (and not from history books alone) how the place has evolved and moved on today and at the same time so hopped-up to wonder and explore historical and several interesting sites around the last city to experience a nuclear attack. [Read more…]