When Plan A Was Undoable, Plan B Came In

Colombo_cruise_berth_shopsColombo was another city in the ship’s string of voyages in Asia and another city for me to explore. So while still hundreds of miles away to Colombo, I already had in mind a lot of things to do ashore – city landmarks I must visit; local food to taste; and should I give tuk tuk (rickshaw) a try or just walked. I want to experience something of Sri Lanka other than just shopping; I want to explore anything and anywhere my wandering foot would take me in this huge and sprawling city.
The heat was excruciating when the ship arrived in Colombo. Well, what to expect, summer was at its peak. In the Philippine countryside where I grew up and lived, summer can be very hot but not as intense in Colombo. Though I have not thought of Plan B should Plan A becomes undoable, an unplanned Plan B just popped out from my head. Contemplating about the alternative that came to my mind, and YES why not! So, there I was in Colombo but not in downtown area but just few walks away from the ship. [Read more…]