Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Located between Pasay City and Parañaque City, it is made up of four terminals, each having a specific clientele. Terminal 1 has 16 gates and mostly caters to international carriers. Terminal 2, or the Centennial Terminal, is exclusively used by the country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines for both domestic and international flights. Terminal 3 is the newest and biggest terminal, and serves flights of Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express, and some international carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and Cathay Pacific Airways. The old domestic terminal, or Terminal 4, is the home of AirAsia, TigerAir, and Skyjet Airlines. [Read more…]


The Closest Thing to Home: Kabayan Hotel

Kabayan HotelThe name of the hotel was derived from a local term of endearment for fellow countrymen, which is synonymous to the Filipino term kapwa, meaning brother, sibling, or even kindred. It is a close bond or togetherness that comes with being part of the Filipino culture and race. With the common trend of Filipinos going abroad to greener pastures, it is this link that binds them together, making one feel that they are not alone.

And with that, Kabayan Hotel exemplifies the spirit of homeliness, with its quality services, accommodations, and friendly staff. Each of its 276 rooms is designed for simplistic uniqueness that is usually embedded in the Filipino culture, as well as the comfortable functionality of being at home in one’s country. [Read more…]

OMG! I Arrived Cebu On A Cruise Ship!

sinulogI’ve been in Cebu countless times – on several trips with my grandma when I was still a kid; few times when I was in college; lived in the city for few months when I took review classes in preparation for PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) board exam; once with my wife and kids on vacation; two years ago as crew member of a cruise ship; and thereafter, few times in a row – work related or for pleasure. So I would say that I am familiar with almost every corner around the city.
I don’t know how or why but I always find every visit in Cebu interesting and exciting. So when I learned that my next ship assignment had scheduled stopover in Cebu City, the more I became so revved-up and was so excitedly looking forward for that day – never in my imagination occurred that I will be visiting Cebu as crew member of a cruise liner. [Read more…]

‘The Pasalubong Center’ In Lanao del Norte

Lanao del NorteThis is the “Pasalubong Center” in the municipality of Tubod, the capital town of Lanao del Norte. Transit visitors, travelers or trekkers stopping by from a long drive will have the opportunity to take home some of the town’s locally produced snack goodies and various handmade products.

The most popular among travelers and of course to locals are handmade stuff made from materials indigenous to the province. From pots, jars and flower vases made out of clay to woven baskets of various designs, your visit to Lanao del Norte’s Pasalubong Center certainly will make your trip interesting. [Read more…]

Hidalgo Street – Camera Haven in Manila

Hidalgo StreetNikon, Canon and few other emerging brands of SLR digital cameras in shopping malls are usually tagged at staggering prices. But if you know the place in town to buy this killer photography gadget, you can take it home for less plus a big smile on your face.

If you seriously aim for an upgrade from point-and-shoot digital camera to professional SLR camera, stop hunting at the forefront, take a detour to the back alleys of Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. Hidalgo Street is the photographers’ haven in the Philippines frequented by many of the country’s professional photographers as well beginners for their photography stuff. [Read more…]

Hotel Sogo

Hotel SogoI can always find cheap hotel deals via online booking but during one of my travels in Manila I dared myself to something I haven’t done before, staying in drive-in motels instead of standard hotels or pension houses. Drive-in motels in Philippines especially in Manila are popular nests for transient customers engaged in secret affairs. One of the most popular is Hotel Sogo. Hotel Sogo is a chain of hotels one can find almost everywhere around the busy commercial districts in major cities and Metro Manila alone has hundreds of branches of Hotel Sogo.

So from the airport I hired a taxi to take me to any branches of Hotel Sogo closer to Malate area. The taxi driver seems to know a lot of Hotel Sogo around Manila and brought me at the hotel’s branch along Mabini. So the taxi went in and into the drive-thru and parked right in front of the reception window where few hotel staff in uniform waiting for drive-in customers. One of the hotel staff opened the taxi door for me, helped me with my luggage and ushered me directly inside a not so big but comfy waiting room. I thought I would have to wait there for long but shortly afterwards; the same staff went back in with a key and escorted me to my room upstairs. The alleyway to the rooms is a bit narrow but the floors are carpeted and the ambiance of the interior was warm and elegant. [Read more…]

Lanao del Norte, Home to Mindanao’s Best Kept Secrets

lanao_del_norteI am from Lanao del Norte so I know what exactly the province really has to offer. Lanao del Norte is not as vibrant as the bustling life in the city but when it comes to nature, 101% sure Lanao del Norte has several of the most stunning natural wonders in Mindanao.
Situated in north-western Mindanao, Lanao del Norte is home to some of the country’s unspoilt eco-tourism landmarks. It may not be the best in the country but for serious nature lovers who seek undiscovered, untouched and on its very innate state natural spots, Lanao del Norte simply is the place. Lanao del Norte is the home of the popular power generating Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City. Though technically, Iligan City is officially no longer part of Lanao del Norte, Maria Cristina Falls remains a landmark in Mindanao associated with the province. [Read more…]