Scenic Cruising in Naeroyfjord

NaeroyfjordNaeroyfjord is just one of the many places in Norway inspiring the hit Disney animation Frozen. Having watched the film, I was so curious and at the same time so excited to see the place in real. So, as we were sailing into Naeroyfjord yesterday, I had that nagging imagination of Queen Elsa singing here way through the spellbinding wonderland. Taking into account the width and depth of the fjord, inch by inch, we sailed deep into Naeroyfjord as far as the ship can safely navigate. [Read more…]


ABBA The Museum: Iconic Music Experience

ABBA The MuseumABBA The Museum is the only place in the world where ABBA fans can get a lot closer to their favorite band. And with the wide array of displays, original memorabilia and collection of wardrobes that they wore during their world tour, ABBA the Musedum is a great nostalgic way to get to know ABBA better, and get connected with knowing their humble beginnings and rise to popularity and fame.
I grew up with ABBA. It was the everyday music my family played at home, almost like a soundtrack of our daily lives. Everyone, from my mom, aunts, you name it, all listened to the iconic tunes. I can even remember a memory of an uncle carefully placing a classic vinyl recording on a Radiowealth turntable player, filling the room with ABBA for hours on end. [Read more…]

Stockholm, One At A Time

gamla stanIt doesn’t matter coming back to Stockholm over and over again; the cityscape itself never ceases to amaze me. Every visit to this Baltic city simply means another opportunity to experience more of Stockholm and another chance to see and further enjoy a lot of its offerings.

Arriving Stockholm on a cruise ship, the wonderful experience already starts even before arriving into port. The ship begins its scenic journey from the entrance of the approximately 45 – mile long passage deep into where the beautiful city sets. An archipelago of several islands and countless islets, cruising towards Stockholm is breathtaking scenery of natural landscape. [Read more…]

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

little_mermaid_copenhagenIf the iconic Statue of Liberty is a symbolic structure in New York; the overlooking Christ the Redeemer is an imposing landmark in Rio de Janeiro; then here comes the Little Mermaid, the iconic symbol of Copenhagen. Small and unimposing it may seem but it’s one of Copenhagen’s major attractions.
Mga kababayan, ito po si Little Mermaid, maliit lang siya pero sikat na sikat lalo na sa mga turista na dumadayo sa Copenhagen. Araw araw dinadayo po ito ng mga turista na naggagaling pa sa iba’t ibang bansa. Kaya naman hindi ko hinayaan na hindi masilayan at syempre makapag selfi kay Little Mermaid habang nakadaong sa Copenhagen ang barko kanina. [Read more…]