How To Start Building Emergency Fund

emergency_fundWhat is emergency fund? It is important to know by heart what this thing is all about otherwise we won’t be staunch to effectively save up for this purpose. The amount of cash set aside for any unexpected costs like illness, something wears out that needs immediate repair and all other financial surprises that comes into our way is referred to as emergency fund.
Whether we like it or not, emergency can come into our way anytime of the day and without sufficient fund reserved for times like this, is absolutely stressful. So, here comes the crucial QUESTIONS – ‘Are you prepared to handle that stress?’ or ‘Are you financially prepared to cover emergency expenses?’ [Read more…]


Shanghai’s Pudong District, So Close But Out Of Reach

pudong_skyscrapers_shanghaiOne of the many destinations I wanted to visit is Shanghai, the largest commercial center in China choke full of gleaming skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Yes, I am a big Sim City fanatic. I played Sim City 4 before and now with Sim City 2013, I remain a hard working city mayor. During the game, I always patterned my city layout between these two cities – Shanghai or New York. So when the ship visited Shanghai sometimes in the summer of 2015, for the first time I finally had seen in person the very city influential in the game. [Read more…]

Exploring Old Town of Riga

Riga Cathedral

It’s not the ship’s first visit in Riga as the ship had already made several calls to this port in the past. It may not be the first visit for the ship, but for me, it certainly was my very first – my first time to explore Riga on foot and see some of the city highlights.
The sights of Riga are not those typical sights very common in modern day cities because what Riga has are those sights from hundreds of years ago. From medieval churches and castles in the Old Town to many other structures built in later periods, Riga offers a wealth of interesting spots to discover and explore.
I went ashore and explored the city, particularly in the Old Town. Time ashore was so short or not long enough to explore more around the city. But I knew how to make the most of it – by simply enjoying the panorama of the city. [Read more…]

Scenic Cruising in Naeroyfjord

NaeroyfjordNaeroyfjord is just one of the many places in Norway inspiring the hit Disney animation Frozen. Having watched the film, I was so curious and at the same time so excited to see the place in real. So, as we were sailing into Naeroyfjord yesterday, I had that nagging imagination of Queen Elsa singing here way through the spellbinding wonderland. Taking into account the width and depth of the fjord, inch by inch, we sailed deep into Naeroyfjord as far as the ship can safely navigate. [Read more…]

Curious To Set Foot In Nagasaki, So Here I Am

nagasakiThe thing that always pops first in my mind every time I heard or read about Nagasaki was that horrific atomic bombing during World War II. So when I visited Nagasaki, I became very curious to see personally (and not from history books alone) how the place has evolved and moved on today and at the same time so hopped-up to wonder and explore historical and several interesting sites around the last city to experience a nuclear attack. [Read more…]

‘The Pasalubong Center’ In Lanao del Norte

Lanao del NorteThis is the “Pasalubong Center” in the municipality of Tubod, the capital town of Lanao del Norte. Transit visitors, travelers or trekkers stopping by from a long drive will have the opportunity to take home some of the town’s locally produced snack goodies and various handmade products.

The most popular among travelers and of course to locals are handmade stuff made from materials indigenous to the province. From pots, jars and flower vases made out of clay to woven baskets of various designs, your visit to Lanao del Norte’s Pasalubong Center certainly will make your trip interesting. [Read more…]

How to Beat Jet Lag

There’s no set cure for jet lag – it’s just part and parcel of the travel experience. But there are a number of ways to assist and speed up your body clock’s process of readjusting to a different time zone. If you’re about to embark on a long international flight, then here are a few pointers to help you beat jet lag and make the most of your time in a new destination. [Read more…]

Dining Out – A Penny Pincher’s Guide

Cafe_Laguna_CebuWhen traveling, eating out is a must. This is the best way to enjoy the local flavors. You cannot honestly expect to bring along rations at every leg of your trip, and you cannot stay away from the temptations of a good meal when with friends or family. With the trip’s budget weighing on your mind as you take the menu, how can you make sure you save as much as possible on your meals? For starters, you can follow this guide. [Read more…]

Hidalgo Street – Camera Haven in Manila

Hidalgo StreetNikon, Canon and few other emerging brands of SLR digital cameras in shopping malls are usually tagged at staggering prices. But if you know the place in town to buy this killer photography gadget, you can take it home for less plus a big smile on your face.

If you seriously aim for an upgrade from point-and-shoot digital camera to professional SLR camera, stop hunting at the forefront, take a detour to the back alleys of Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. Hidalgo Street is the photographers’ haven in the Philippines frequented by many of the country’s professional photographers as well beginners for their photography stuff. [Read more…]

Hotel Sogo

Hotel SogoI can always find cheap hotel deals via online booking but during one of my travels in Manila I dared myself to something I haven’t done before, staying in drive-in motels instead of standard hotels or pension houses. Drive-in motels in Philippines especially in Manila are popular nests for transient customers engaged in secret affairs. One of the most popular is Hotel Sogo. Hotel Sogo is a chain of hotels one can find almost everywhere around the busy commercial districts in major cities and Metro Manila alone has hundreds of branches of Hotel Sogo.

So from the airport I hired a taxi to take me to any branches of Hotel Sogo closer to Malate area. The taxi driver seems to know a lot of Hotel Sogo around Manila and brought me at the hotel’s branch along Mabini. So the taxi went in and into the drive-thru and parked right in front of the reception window where few hotel staff in uniform waiting for drive-in customers. One of the hotel staff opened the taxi door for me, helped me with my luggage and ushered me directly inside a not so big but comfy waiting room. I thought I would have to wait there for long but shortly afterwards; the same staff went back in with a key and escorted me to my room upstairs. The alleyway to the rooms is a bit narrow but the floors are carpeted and the ambiance of the interior was warm and elegant. [Read more…]

How To Start Investing In The Philippine Stock Market With 5,000 Pesos

You don’t have to be rich to play in the stock market.

Investing In The Philippine Stock MarketMoney makes the world go round, they say. That means we have to be really smart about it. We all want to make more, but we have to make sure we do it right. Get-rich-quick schemes are always out there, waiting to entrap those who believe their outrageous claims. Many attempt them in hopes of making it big. Sadly, these attempts end up with them losing their hard-earned money. Often, this is money they worked hard for through several years.

In the world of finance, there are only a few ways one can have his money grow passively. None of them can double your money in a week (except in very, very rare circumstances). But they are successful in making your money earn for itself. One of the most well-known among these methods is stock trading.

When most people hear the words “stocks” “stock market” “stock trading”, and “stock exchange”, many of them either shake their heads or blank out. Maybe they’ve heard too many horror stories about it and think of it as a scam or a gamble. Or maybe they’ve heard about it, but they don’t really understand what it is. [Read more…]