OMG! I Arrived Cebu On A Cruise Ship!

sinulogI’ve been in Cebu countless times – on several trips with my grandma when I was still a kid; few times when I was in college; lived in the city for few months when I took review classes in preparation for PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) board exam; once with my wife and kids on vacation; two years ago as crew member of a cruise ship; and thereafter, few times in a row – work related or for pleasure. So I would say that I am familiar with almost every corner around the city.
I don’t know how or why but I always find every visit in Cebu interesting and exciting. So when I learned that my next ship assignment had scheduled stopover in Cebu City, the more I became so revved-up and was so excitedly looking forward for that day – never in my imagination occurred that I will be visiting Cebu as crew member of a cruise liner. [Read more…]