Scenic Cruising in Naeroyfjord

NaeroyfjordNaeroyfjord is just one of the many places in Norway inspiring the hit Disney animation Frozen. Having watched the film, I was so curious and at the same time so excited to see the place in real. So, as we were sailing into Naeroyfjord yesterday, I had that nagging imagination of Queen Elsa singing here way through the spellbinding wonderland. Taking into account the width and depth of the fjord, inch by inch, we sailed deep into Naeroyfjord as far as the ship can safely navigate. [Read more…]


Lanao del Norte, Home to Mindanao’s Best Kept Secrets

lanao_del_norteI am from Lanao del Norte so I know what exactly the province really has to offer. Lanao del Norte is not as vibrant as the bustling life in the city but when it comes to nature, 101% sure Lanao del Norte has several of the most stunning natural wonders in Mindanao.
Situated in north-western Mindanao, Lanao del Norte is home to some of the country’s unspoilt eco-tourism landmarks. It may not be the best in the country but for serious nature lovers who seek undiscovered, untouched and on its very innate state natural spots, Lanao del Norte simply is the place. Lanao del Norte is the home of the popular power generating Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City. Though technically, Iligan City is officially no longer part of Lanao del Norte, Maria Cristina Falls remains a landmark in Mindanao associated with the province. [Read more…]