Uligamu, Less Likely Place To be Around But It’s Paradise

UligamuIf Philippines’ beautiful resort island of Boracay is jam-packed with tourists and almost everywhere around is heavily commercialized, the remote island of Uligamu in Maldives is the complete opposite. It’s kind of one remote island – no hotels, no restaurants, no shops but thatched roof huts of locals – waiting to be uncovered.
Approaching the island from sea, white sandy coast surfaced from the horizon. Inching closer to the island, gradually unfold turquoise clear water and stretch of white sand beach. But not a single structure or any signs of civilization came into view except for the loose vegetations. If not of the ship’s state of the art navigational instruments, I might have second thoughts either we arrived on our intended destination or not. But we arrived not in the wrong place, we were exactly right on the dot – we arrived Uligamu. Ship dropped anchor at a safe distance away from shallow water and everyone gets to the island by the ship’s tender boats. [Read more…]